Month: September 2016

Youth Forum for People and Wildlife in South Africa

So it is finally here, I am off to Johannesburg tomorrow to attend the Youth Forum for People and Wildlife,  the week will be filled with saving species, safaris and sun. The forum is being hosted by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) as part of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). If you happen to be interested in following the event, which will include lots of wildlife related talks, discussions etc. then follow the link below. Exciting!

I shall be doing a proper write up on the event when I am back but for now I shall sign off, see you on the other side!

A win for the environment! UK will ban microbeads by 2017.


Positive environmental news is hard to find, particularly in the UK at the minute, but the ban on microbeads is a positive step forward. Microbeads are tiny pieces of plastic found in cosmetic products such as toothpaste, facial scrubs and make up. Most of the time they are so tiny you would not even notice they were there, and they are often not labeled.

To give you context over 680 tonnes of microbeads are used in the UK each year, this has a hugely detrimental impact on marine life. Due to their small size microbeads are often mistaken as food by fish and other marine life, and accumulate in the food chain. Over 280 marine species have been shown to ingest microbeads. After lobbying from environmental groups and the public, the government’s decision to ban microbeads deserves credit, the ban is not a solution the whole plastic pollution issue, but it is a start and is certainly a win for our marine environment.

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