Month: February 2017

World Whale Day

It’s World Whale Day and this is a beautiful humpback whale off Victoria, BC. We are so lucky to share our oceans worldwide with these gentle giants. Whales keep our oceans healthy. It’s vital that we do not take them for granted & fight for their protection. We can all do this by giving them space on the water, avoid places with captive whales & reduce our plastic, litter & pollution. They may be big & highly intelligent but they are not invincible in our changing world.

Bison are back in Banff

After 140 years bison have returned to Banff National Park in Alberta. As many as 30 million bison once roamed the plains, but were hunted to near extinction. The return of the bison has been managed by Parks Canada. The herd was moved from  Elk Island National Park to a remote valley in Banff, where they will be kept for 16 months under observation by staff. After this they will be fully released and free to move throughout a large area of the park.

The bison are a keystone species, one that has been missing for over a century, it is hoped that the return of the bison will have a positive impact on the national park. They are an example of the horrors and destruction that humans can cause, and many were killed to cut off food supplies and control the First Nations people, who relied heavily on the bison, their return is not only good for the ecosystem, but a symbolic gesture to try and right the wrongs of the past. I for one look forward to seeing these magnificent animals roam free in Banff National Park.

Whale found off Norway with stomach full of plastic bags

Photo: Christoph Noever

I came across a horrible story this week from the west coast of Norway. It was interesting as well because it involved a species of whale that many people (including myself) do not know a lot about, a Cuvier’s beaked whale also named goose-beaked whale. The whale was found in distress and despite the efforts of the fire department and the Department of Wildlife Conservation, it had to be euthanised due to ill health. The shocking part of this story was that the whale was found to have 30 plastic bags in its stomach as well as other bits of smaller plastic. The whale had no food in its stomach and was completely depleted of nutrients. This issue is increasingly a problem across the world’s oceans, and is one that we can all play a part in preventing.

What can I do to help?

Simple, by bringing a reusable bag to the supermarket, you are making a difference, it may seem small, but this really does have a positive impact on our environment. ‘Bring a bag, save a whale.’

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